Here you'll find an overview of projects I did for Triumph Lingerie for the European market. Differing product introduction to CRM campaigns all having agile productions:  
Gravity meet your Match! With the introducing of the new Gravity light bounce proof sports bra. ​​​​​​​Run, jump, climb, fall and get back up. Go ahead, break a sweat, but do it bounce proof with the Gravity Light.
For the CRM of Triumph we've created a members platform and social assets.
For Triumph we've introduced period underwear - the Freedom Briefs. With this social campaign we've encouraged woman from all ages to go with their flow (urine/ bleeding) while Freedom briefs got them covered (leakproof). 
A challenge to introduce a lowprice collection within the luxurious Triumph range. In this online campaign with tapped into a well known phenomenon for woman buying clothes. To get or not to get?! With this Bright spotlight collection being so well priced for such good quality. The answer is simple: to get!
For in product campaign of Triaction '23 we've created a social and instore campaign. In this campaign for a super bounce proof sportsbra we emphasized woman could defy gravity while wearing it. "When everything feels upside down, you keep both feet oon the ground. Because you’re always in control with Gravity Light".

More work:

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