A briefing every creative dreams of! As a female creative - a mom of 3 daughters - you don't want anything else other then women to walk proudly towards the future as one. So when the challenge landed on my desk to change the gender narrative of woman in Eastern European countries for a world's famous whiskey brand I was stoked!  ​​​​​​​
So as a brand that’s all about the walk for collective progress Johnnie Walker had to do something about it. Introducing: ‘footsteps of progress’
In this campaign we've invited woman to leave their mark in society quite literally. By placing their footstep, we've created a symbol to show that woman are out there and to invite others to follow and join the walk. Striding for collective progress, one step at a time

This case video gives you the best overview of the campaign since all other campaign materials are in Slavic languages: 
Campaign overview phase 1:

More work:

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