In my DDB years I've worked on the C&A campaign 'inspired by life'. From pitch to several seasonal campaigns. Here's you'll find on overview of some of them:
'Christmas is better together'
THE ASK: To create an integrated campaign for C&A Europe that displayed C&A’s festive collection. 
THE SOLUTION: We created the campaign ‘Christmas is better together’. Your beloved once add the extra’s to you holiday season and even the extra magic to your outfit.
'Cashmere, a woman's best friend'
The ask: create a campaign for the European market for the C&A Cashmere collection that emphasizes its luxury and softness.
 The solution: since cashmere is made from cashmere goats, we portrayed them as a women’s best friend. Executed from TVC, print to instore. Unfortunately it never saw daylight due to clients fear of the animal protection society. So back to zero and full of energy to create a new campaign…
'Cashmere, so soft you can't let go'
THE ASK: To go back to the drawing table to create another campaign for the European fashion market for the C&A Cashmere collection that emphasized it’s luxury and softness.
THE SOLUTION: Since cashmere is so soft you can nearly let go of lovely garments made out of such soft material. Executed from TVC, print to instore
'Get Ready'
The challenge:  to convince consumers in summertime to buy their outerwear for the coming winter. 
We’ve created an integrated campaign for Europe which showed people getting ready for the next season.
'Back to school'
For the back to school campaign of C&A Europe we've dived into the real inspired by life children moment liking falling asleep with your new backpack and coat because you're too excited for your first day!

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